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Glossy stretch ceiling

Glossy stretch ceiling reflects light and creates mirror effect. It visually increases volume and area of the room. That’s why it is often installed in low-ceilinged rooms: in the hallways, bathrooms, offices, swimming pools.

Advantages of glossy stretch ceiling:

quick installation in winter and summer time — 5-6 hours;

large colour range — easy to choose the colour for your interior;

conceals cables, air conditioner pipes, kitchen hood;

in case of leaks, PVC film retains moisture and does not deteriorate;

easily decorated with patterns, illuminating effects, stickers.

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Matt stretch ceiling

Matt stretch ceiling is perfect for classic interior. It looks good in the bedroom, brattery, hall, library, kitchen. Perfectly imitates plastered surfaces.

Advantages of matt stretch ceiling:

lasting quality — operating life is not less than 10 years;

easy to clean the surface, just wash it 1-2 times a year;

quick and simple installation within 3 hours;

moisture-insensitive in case of leaks, endure up to 100 l. per sq. m.;

material (polyvinyl chloride) is safe for human health;

in the room of up to 5 m. length, a seamless ceiling may be installed.

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Satin stretch ceiling

Satin stretch ceiling is like matt one, but surface has no grain structure. It is similar in appearance to satin fabric — gleams in different illumination. Often it is used to emphasize functional areas in the apartment. It is good for interior of any rooms: bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, bratteries, living rooms.

Advantages of satin stretch ceiling:

lasting quality — does not lose colour, does not deteriorate if there is moisture;

easy to clean the surface, you can even do the hoovering;

smooth surface conceals the defects, as well as cables and pipes;

the ceiling can be decorated with curved and expressive pieces;

safe and hypoallergic , good for the medical establishments.

Multilevel ceilings

Multilevel ceiling is a commonly used option. It looks good in the apartments and offices, in large and small rooms. Good for room zoning: zone edges are marked with the help of light changeover and height differences. It can have two, three, four levels, as well as it can be in the form of geometric objects.

Advantages of multilevel ceiling:

looks good: colours, lighting, different types of the ceilings may be combined;

conceals defects and irregularities, pipes, cables, beams, joints;

visually expands space, creates illusion of depth;

antistatic coating protects from accumulation of dust or concentrate in the bathroom.

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Wide-format art-print on the canvas of the stretch ceiling will help you to create a unique interior design. Good for rooms with bright illumination. You can choose the print for any canvas: matte, glossy, satin. Choose any image: sky, flowers, animals, abstraction or a personal photo. Images are applied with the help of ecosolvent inks. They are resistant to moisture and fire, and do not fade in the sun.

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Led- illumination

LED light allows you to divide the room into the functional zones, decorate the interior, visually expand or diminish space. LED lamps are suitable for any stretch ceiling: glossy, matte, satin, multilevel. It is installed in two ways: around the perimeter, LED strip underneath plasterboard box; in the central part above ceiling canvas. LED lamps consume 70% less energy, than electric filament lamps having the same luminance. Moreover their operating life is 10 times longer.


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